Strategic Planning

Objective: Participants will learn the benefits of having a plan; analyze the steps of a proven format that establishes need, identifies stakeholders, builds a mission statement, identifies the strategic issues and lays the framework for addressing the issues, and establishes a future vision for the organization.

***Participants will apply the model to their organization in order to leave with the beginnings of a Strategic Plan which will play a part in the future of their organization.***

Target Audience: All directors, managers, and team leads who are involved in their organization’s planning.

Initiating & Agreeing on a Planning Process
Clarifying Organizational Mandates
Clarifying Organizational Mission and Values
Assessing the Internal Environment
Assessing the External Environment
Identify Strategic Issues Facing an Organization
Formulate Strategies to Manage the Issues
Establish an Effective Organization Vision for the Future

Program Details:

Initiating & Agreeing on a Strategic Planning Process

What is the need?
Who are the potential allies?
Who should be involved?
How will I sell them?

Clarifying Organizational Mandates

What are we required to do formally by charter, law, code, etc.?
What are we expected or required to do informally by internal authorities?
What are we allowed to do?

Clarify Organization Mission and Values
Stakeholder Analysis
Mission Statement Worksheet

Assessing the Internal Environment
Internal Strengths
Internal Weaknesses

Assessing the External Environment
External Opportunities
External Threats

Identifying the Strategic Issues facing the Organization

What is the issue?

Why is it an issue?

What are the consequences of not addressing this issue?

Formulate the Strategies to Manage Change

What are the practical alternatives for resolving the issue?

What are the barriers to achieving these alternatives?

What are some ways of overcoming these barriers?

What major actions are needed over the next 2 or 3 years to implement these alternatives?

What action steps are required over the next 6 to 12 months to implement the major actions?

Establish an Effective Vision for the Future

Develop a description of what the organization should look like as it successfully implements its strategies and

reaches its full potential.

Program Length: Two Days

Professional Skills are the KEY to the Effective Application of Technology to the Business Process.

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