Project Team Leadership

Objective: Participants in this workshop will learn:
Key leadership skills for the project manager
How to assess project team effectiveness
How to create a motivating environment and team spirit
Techniques to build healthy relationships among team members
The ten essential elements required for team cohesiveness and synergy

Target Audience: All professionals in project leader, project manager, or team leader roles or those preparing to move into a project leadership position.

Leading and managing a project team of professionals is one of the more difficult roles for a number of reasons that include:

Few professionals have any significant amount of management or leadership training before undertaking the role.

The vast array of ever changing technologies requires the full attention of the project leader, often leaving little time to focus on developing the skills to manage a team of people

Often the project leader is expected to be both a “player” and a “coach” with day to day technical responsibilities in addition to overseeing the project and leading the project team

Program Length: Two Days

Professional Skills are the KEY to the Effective Application of Technology to the Business Process.

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