Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

Objective: To develop skills and build confidence in making a presentation that results in the effective communication of ideas. Participant exercises through out the day.

Target Audience: Managers, project leaders, or any individual responsible for making presentations or status reports to any size group.

Understanding/Overcoming Fear
Knowing the Audience
Your Presentation/Social Style
Preparation & Practice

Program Details:

Getting Started/Overcoming Fear
Understanding Fear
Overcoming Fear
Projecting Your Best Image
Avoiding Self Destruction in the Presentation

Knowing Your Audience
Size and Makeup of the Audience
Expertise of the Audience
Your Expectations
Individual Personalities
Wants and Needs to Know
Needs Satisfaction

Your Presentation and Social Style
What Kind of a Presenter are you?
Assessing Your Presentation Style
Social Style Assessment
Assessing Your Current Ability

Preparation and Practice
Putting It All Together
Structuring Your Thoughts
Developing an Outline
The Opening
Transitions and The Body

Delivering Your Presentation
Tips for a Smooth Presentation
Thinking on Your Feet
Increasing Your Credibility
Capturing and Maintaining Attention
Bringing It to a Close
After Your Presentation

Logistics, Visual Aids, Multimedia
Seating Arrangements
The Logistics Checklist
Making Sure Everything Goes Right
Visual Aids and Cautions

Program Length: One Day

Professional Skills are the Key to the Effective Application of Technology to the Business Process.

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