Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness for I/T Professionals

Objective: To develop improved self-management skills, leading to greater success in job-related and personal activities.

Target Audience: IT Professionals interested in enhancing their personal effectiveness.

Effective Time Management
Goal Setting Prioritization
Today’s Workplace Challenges
Taking Action
Managing Stress

Program Details:

Time Management Principles
Efficiency v. Effectiveness

Dealing With Common Timewasters
Identifying Common Timewasters
Eliminating Timewasters
Crisis Management

Goal Setting
Goal Setting Guidelines
Development of “Mission Statement”
Short term v. Long term
Practical Initiatives

Effectively Dealing With Paperwork
The Fingertip Organizing System
Organizing & Maintaining Files

How and Why we Procrastinate
Taking Action

Goals vs. Plans vs. Schedules
The “Master List” Concept
Developing a “Master List”

Decision Making
Principles of Effective Decision Making

Important vs. Urgent
Prioritization Techniques

Stress Management
Techniques to Manage Stress

Program Length: One Day

Professional Skills are the KEY to the Effective Application of Technology to the Business Process.

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