Negotiation & Vendor Management in Project Management

Objective: To develop methods for negotiating with your team, support groups, client, management, outside vendors, and interfacing projects. You will also develop additional techniques for interacting with the Stakeholders needed for project success. Completion of this program earns 7 PDU Credits.

Target Audience: Project managers and all individuals responsible for projects who want to reach successful project completion within or under budget.

Meet with the Project Sponsor and Client in order to Negotiate the Project’s Mission, Scope, Priority, Schedule, and “Critical Success Factors”.

Manage the Project’s Scope, and use the Project’s Change Management Program to Negotiate the impact of requiredChanges.

Negotiate with internal Support Groups, Cross Functional Resource Managers and Team Members, for assistance Creating Project Deliverables.

Negotiate with Vendors and Subcontractors to ensure the required work is Contracted and Completed, and Project Deliverables are Created on Schedule and Meet Quality Standards.

Make Staff Assignments and Schedules, for Effective Utilization of Resources across Multiple Projects.

Address with Appropriate Groups the Issues of Silo Management, Cross Functional Teams And Priorities, International Projects, and Restructuring.

Program Details:

Best Practices in Project Management
The Project Management Process
Planning – The Work
Organizing – The Team and The Schedule
Control and Tracking – The Metrics
Change Management – Responding to the Business

Project Scope Management
Determining the Scope
Project Mission
Critical Success Factors
Project Objectives
Negotiating “The Project”
Exercise: Win – Win Negotiations

Planning to Negotiate
When to Negotiate
The Negotiation Process:
1)Before the Negotiations Begin; 2)During the Negotiations; 3)The Closing; 4)After the Negotiations

Developing a Strategy
Doing Your Homework:
1)Preparation; 2)Agenda; 3)Issues; 4)Options; 5)Alternatives

Developing your BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement): 1)Options; 2)Alternatives

Assessing “their” Position

Steps to Form a Partnership

The “Session” Process
Items of Discussion
When it Doesn’t Work

Exercise: Role Play

Performing Internal support Team and Vendor Negotiations
Advanced Notice is Appreciated (No Surprises!)
Forming a Partnership
Why Contracts?
What Should be Included
Define Deliverables
Detailed Requirements (Back to the Beginning)
Vendor Negotiations:
1)Partnership; 2)Specifics; 3)The Ability to Walk; 4)Management

Review Major Topics/Issues
Participants Critique Class

Instructional methods for this one day program are lecture, discussion, exercises, simulations, role plays, and workshops. Program also includes participant discussion and feedback of on-going project situations.

Program Length: One Day

Professional Skills are the Key to the Effective Application of Technology to the Business Process.

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