Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Objective: To develop skills that help identify solutions for controlling emotions, addressing conflict directly, and focusing on best business results.

Target Audience: All IT individuals who need to productively resolve conflicts with peers, clients, team members, and management who need to negotiate regarding deliverables, deadlines, and resources.

Inevitability of Conflict
Dealing with Negative Emotions
Win – Win Approach
Peer, Management & Team Member Negotiation

Program Details:

Conflict Defined
The Inevitability of Conflict
Words Associated with Conflict
Consequences of Ignoring/Avoiding Conflict
Effective Conflict Management
Dealing Effectively with Emotions Generated by Conflict

Conflict Management
Self-Assessment Conflict Management Styles
Dimensions of Conflict Style
Conflict Management Approaches
Applying the Right Conflict Management Approach

Defining Negotiation
Styles of Negotiating
The Win-Win Approach in an IT – Client Relationship
” Items of Value” and Their Role in Negotiating
Negotiating with Management, Peers, and Team Members

Program Length: One Day

Professional Skills are the KEY to the Effective Application of Technology to the Business Process.

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