Effective Leadership Skills

August 15, 2012
Program Hours – 8:30am to 4:30pm
Continental Breakfast – 8:00am (Lunch included)
Dress Code: Business or Business Casual (No blue jeans, etc.)

Objective:  To develop and enhance the skills that are necessary to become a successful leader. 

Target Audience: IT professionals who have recently moved or will soon be moving into a management position, and managers who need to further enhance their leadership skills. 

Instructor: Rae Ann Bruno 

      •   Leadership vs. Management            

        Leadership Styles

        Delegation & Prioritization     

        Quantifying Decisions

        Motivating Employees and Growing Your Span of Influence     

Program Details: 

10 Essential Leadership Skills
Lay the groundwork for building effective teams and improving performance and productivity 

Understand the Approaches to Leadership
      Traits Approach
      Behavioral Approach
      Situational Approach 

Your BEST Leadership Style
Take the BEST Leadership Style Assessment and learn what works well for you, and where you can expand your skills.  Learn the characteristics of each BEST style.

Quantifying Decisions
Learn the key concepts in making good decisions and communicating them effectively 

Motivating Employees and Growing Your Span of Influence
      Learn what motivates others and ideas for increasing morale and productivity.

      Understand the methods of influence and how to successfully use them within your role.

Program Length:  One Day

Professional Skills are the Key to the Effective Application of Technology to the Business Process.

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