IT Management Principles

Objective: To develop skills that enable technical professionals to excel in management issues; such as, effective communications, staff assessment, delegation, and team building.

Target Audience: IT professionals who have recently moved into a management position, and managers who are continuing to develop their management skills.

• The Leadership Role
• Employee Development & Feedback
• Motivational Techniques
• Effective Delegation
• Breaking Communication Barriers
• Setting Priorities

Program Details:

Effective Communication
– The communication process
– Barriers to Effective Communication
– Developing Active Listening Skills

Performance Management
– Setting Effective Objectives
– Evaluating Employee Performance
– Conducting an Effective Performance Appraisal
– Giving Feedback

Team Problem Solving
– Conducting Effective Meetings
– Group Creativity
– Group Dynamics
– Fostering Teamwork

The Changing Face of IT
– IT in Transition
– Changing Demographics

– Responsibilities vs. Capacity
– Reasons for Delegating
– Manager’s Responsibilities
– Successful Delegation

Motivating IT Professionals
– Factors that Motivate People
– Motivating Contractors
– Proper Use of Rewards
– Types of Rewards
– Motivation without Money

– Leadership Behaviors
– Leadership Styles
– Determining Your Style
– Providing Guidance

Program Length: Two Days

Professional Skills are the Key to the Effective Application of Technology to the Business Process.

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