Internal Marketing

Objective: Educate and impress your internal customers, peers, and superiors through successfully marketing your team’s accomplishments. Learn ways to understand the perception of your performance and methods for improving it and increasing your team’s value within the organization. During this interactive program, you will participate in planning and marketing exercises that you can implement within your organization and with your team. You will work on your own customized marketing plan throughout the program, which you can use as a foundation for your internal marketing effort.

Target Audience: Team leads, project managers, and all levels of personnel management.

Determining current perception through various feedback methods
Incorporating productivity and business alignment into goals
Developing a marketing plan
Communicating business-focused results
Marketing your accomplishments on an ongoing basis

Program Details:

Perception is Reality
Discover how to mold perceptions by first identifying the current perceptions, determining the influencers, setting targets, and creating a plan of action.

Determining where to start
Solicit feedback, target quick wins, create a plan for messaging.

Closing the Gap
Learn how to implement a customer loyalty effort.

Feedback Mechanisms
Discuss various methods and determine what would work best within your organization.

Benefits of a formal marketing effort
Understand the ROI of marketing your successes.

The High Level Marketing Plan
Learn the elements of a marketing plan and begin planning and documenting your customized plan.

Marketing Plan Details
Define specific action items and targeted efforts for your marketing plan.

Marketing Opportunities
Discover how to implement your plan and take advantage of all marketing opportunities – even those you’ve taken for granted!

Communicating Success
Assess communication methods and opportunities to market your successes once you understand what message you want to deliver to whom.

Program Length: One Day

Professional Skills are the Key to the Effective Application of Technology to the Business Process.

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