Advanced Financial Concepts for IT Managers

Objective: This program is at a high level and does not attempt to cover the details of how to, but focuses on the why? 

Target Audience: Senior level managers that work closely with Accounting & Finance to achieve the best return on IT investments. 

Instructor:  Larry Dudley, President of Skyvue Consulting, and formerly Manager of IT Finance, Russell Corp. 

      –  Budgeting for ROI and Cost Containment
      –  Allocation terms and methods
      –  Charge backs – when and how to
      –  Managing costs to align with business      
      –  Determining ROI
      –  Lease vs. Buy analysis
      –  Cost vs. Value

Program Details:
1.  Rearranging Financial Statements
            -Real vs. Financial
            -Cash vs. Non-Cash

2.  Capital Structure
            -Overview of the principals behind Capital at a high level as it  pertains to IT
3.  Time Value of Money & Project Valuation  
             -Compounding & Discounting
             -Investment Decision Criteria
4.  Understanding Risk & Return
             -Expected Cash Flow
             -Risk-Adjusted Discount Rates
             -Value Maximization & Opportunity Cost
            -Project Discount Rates
            -The Weighted Average Cost of Capital
5.  Valuing a Business
-Basic Approaches

Program Length: One Day

Professional Skills are the Key to the Effective Application of Technology to the Business Process.

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