Financial Basics for IT Managers

Objective:   This program will help you to understand basic financial concepts and principals, and how to apply them to IT.  The goal is to make the IT Manager become more a part of the overall corporate team by understanding how IT affects the bottom line. 

Target Audience:  IT supervisors and managers that have responsibility for budgeting, cost allocations, purchasing, or other interactions with the financial and accounting functions of their company.  This program would also be beneficial to any IT clerical function that has similar interactions.

Instructor:  Larry Dudley, President of Skyvue Consulting,and formerly Manager of IT Finance, Russell Corp. 

            –  Budgeting terms & concepts
            –  Basic accounting terms as they apply to IT
           –  IT charge-backs
           –  IT costs as viewed from an accounting perspective
           –  Analyzing cost variance reports 
Program Details:
1.  Welcome to Finance
-What is Finance?
2.  Questions & Answers Regarding Skill Level
3.  Introduction
           -Financial Statements
4.  Ratio Analysis
           -Definition / Discussion
5.  Cash Cycle & Growth
           -Cash Cycle
           -Sources & Uses
6.  Financial Forecasting
-Basic Ingredients
           -The Process
           -Bias, Error and Uncertainty
           -Pro Formas / Review
7.  How IT Fits into the Financial Process 

Program Length: One Day

Professional Skills are the KEY to the Effective Application of Technology to the Business Process.

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