Developing Effective Business Relationships

Objective: To develop skills and techniques which will allow participants to build and enhance their relationships with other key individuals and groups in their company.

Target Audience: All IT Professionals will benefit from this session – it is critical to interact more effectively with people throughout the business.

• Building Credibility
• Reaching the Power Players
• Your Personal Internal Network
• Identifying Your Value
• Cultivating Support
• Asking for Help

Program Details:

Building Credibility
• Determining Your “C” Level
• The Crucial Nature of Credibility
• Building a Positive Track Record
• Avoiding “Credibility Busters”
• Taking Ownership of Mistakes

Reaching the Power Players
• Impact of Key Individuals
• Importance of High Level Support
• Determining What’s In It for Them
• Convincing Them to Meet With You
• Cultivating a Mentor

Repairing Poor Relationships
• Understanding Their View
• Taking Ownership
• Importance of Face to Face Communication
• Setting Future Expectations
• Inheriting Another Person’s Mess

Your Value to Others
• Identifying Their Needs
• Understanding Your Unique Skills
• What You Have to Offer
• Looking for Opportunities to Help
• Overlooked, Easy Ways to Assist Others

Your Personal Internal Network
• Moving Beyond the Purely Professional
• Friend v. Acquaintance
• Discovering Shared Interests
• An Attitude of Gratitude

The Art of Conversation
• The Important Listen to Speak Ratio
• Creating and Maintaining Interest
• Questions that Spark Discussion
• Your “Elevator Speech”

Asking for Help
• The “Lone Ranger Syndrome”
• How to Ask
• Methods to Increase the Likelihood of a “Yes”
• Keeping it Specific

Cultivating Support
• Natural Supporters
• Utilizing Influencers
• Overcoming a Strong Opponent

Professional Skills are the Key to the Effective Application of Technology to the Business Process.

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