Working with Difficult People

Objective:  To develop skills that will enable you to improve work relationships. You will also learn a process for analyzing critical situations to choose the best path for the results you need.

Target Audience:  All individuals who have difficult work relationships that they would like to improve.

Program Details: 
Difficult people are everywhere. At some point, we all must work with them. You need skills and tools to help deal with the “impossible” people who cross our paths. Whether it is a personality difficulty (bullies, autocrats, perfectionists, know-it-alls) or a behavioral difficulty (whining, failing to keep confidences, or “clamming up”), you will learn steps to improve the situation.

In this program you will:
– Identify impossible people types and what drives them.
– Recognize underlying biases and back-up behaviors.
– Find out when to confront and when another strategy will work best.
– Learn ways to improve communication with the difficult person in your life.
– Negotiate more productive relationships.
– Manage yourself when managing others is not working.
– Build more productive work teams.

Program Length:  One Day

Professional Skills are the Key to the Effective Application of Technology to the Business Process.

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