Data Gathering

Data Gathering for IT Projects

Objective: This program builds skills that enable the participant to more effectively determine the client’s TRUE objectives and business needs. Participants learn communication techniques that will greatly contribute to the production of QUALITY products, delivered on time and within budget.

Completion of this program earns 7 PDU Credits.

Target Audience: Systems and business analysts, programmer analysts, programmers, and liaisons.

Establishing Rapport with a Client/User
Effective Documentation
Asking the Right Questions
Overcoming Obstacles
Creating the Interview Plan
Effective Research of Business And Web Requirements

Interviewing and Data Gathering is HIGHLY INTERACTIVE. The course includes role-playing, case studies, and additional class exercices designed to take the concepts and create hands-on skills.

Upon completion of Interviewing and Data Gathering, participants will be able to:
Set defined goals for the interview process
Ask questions that get you the information you need
Effectively document vital information
Create a positive rapport with the client
Successfully utilize additional techniques for data gathering, including JAD
Talk to the client at THEIR level of understanding
Overcome obstacles to the communication process
Demonstrate improved learning skills that lead to greater understanding of the client’s true needs

Program Details:

The Interactive Interview
Setting Defined Goals for the Interview
Types of Questions and Techniques
The Art of Creative Listening

Tools for the Interview
Creating the Unambiguous Question
Using the Projective (Prototype) Technique
Tested Questions

Creating the Interview Plan
Scoping the Interview
Reviewing Existing Information
Creating the Interview Questionnaire
Using a Feedback Checklist
Preparing the Material and Equipment List
The Dry Run

Conducting the Interview
Establishing the Proper Enviornment
Changing the Interview Plan
Win/Win Negotiations
Using the Feedback Checklist

Number of Participants at the Interview
The Use of Jargon
Loss of Control

Additional Techniques
Written Questionnaire
Content Analysis
Joint Application Design (JAD)

Program Length: One Day

Professional Skills are the Key to the Effective Application ofTechnology to the Business Process.

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