Creative Problem Solving

Objective: To develop sound problem solving techniques and alternative approaches for generating creative solutions to Business and IT systems problems.

Target Audience: All IT professionals and managers whose job function demands creativity. Particularly those individuals working in a dynamic environment; such as, client/server and/or business process reengineering.

Understanding Your Creative Potential
Overcoming Road Blocks
Personal Creativity and Problem Solving
Problem Solving Techniques
Team Creativity and Real World Solutions
Improving Job Performance

Program Details:

Why Creativity
The Need for Creativity in IT
Creativity Relating to Problem Solving
Everyone is Creative
How We Stopped Being Creative
Benefits of Being Creative

Team Creativity
Team Creativity Techniques
Team Creativity & Problem Solving Process
Using the Creative Process
Applying the Process

Driving Through the Road Blocks
Personal Creativity Self-Assessment
Barriers to Creative Problem Solving
Stimulating Creative Problem Solving
Breaking Down the Road Blocks

Applying Creative Techniques in Real World
Creative Mode to Real World Mode
Targeting Ideas
Effectively Engaging the Organization

Personal Creativity & Problem Solving
Problem Solving Techniques
Questions to Ask to Simulate Creativity
” Mind Mapping”
The “CREATE” Process

Improving Job Performance
Doing Things Differently
Making the Commitment to Change
Linking Action Plans to I/T Objectives
Taking Immediate Action

Program Length: One Day

Professional Skills are the Key to the Effective Application of Technology to the Business Process.

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