Creating Project Business Requirements

Objective: Learn how to create Business Case and Business Requirements documents. These documents will be used by the business sponsors as input to the decision of whether or not the project should continue with the Functional Requirements Phase. Completion of this program earns 14 PDU Credits….

Target Audience: All professionals who participate in or lead teams involved in creating the early business requirements for projects.

Mission and Scope
Project Life Cycle and Requirements
Challenge of Change
Identifying Critical Success Factors
Scoping the Project
Compiling the Document

Program Details:

Project Life Cycle and Requirements Concepts
Projects and the Project Life Cycle
Business Case
Business Requirements
Functional Requirements
Business Case and Business Requirements Templates

Stakeholder Management
The Need for Sponsorship
Core Team/Working Committees
Support Groups

Scoping the Project
S.W.O.T. Analysis
Mission Statement
Critical Success Factors

Determining Required Functionality
Current State
Identifying Problem and Opportunity Areas
Designing Potential Desired End States
Performing Metrics

The Toolkit
Data Gathering Methods
(Interviewing, Observation, Questionnaires, Content Analysis, JAD Sessions)
Cross Functional Process Mapping
Use Cases
Costs and Benefits

Idea Generation and Problem Solving Tools
Cause and Effect Diagrams
Pareto Analysis/Diagramming

The Challenge of Change
The Need for Change
Causes of Resistance
Introducing and Implementing Change

Program Length: Two Days

Professional Skills are the KEY to the Effective Application of Technology to the Business Process.

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