Coaching for Retention

Objective: To develop skills to prepare, guide and enhance the effectiveness of others as they take more responsibility for achieving business results.

Target Audience: All I/T managers who desire to establish more effective relationships within their team and higher quality results in improving performance for high and low level performers.

Understanding Coaching
Coaching Style and Techniques
Setting Expectations
Coaching Skills
Practicing / Feedback / Strategies
Problem Employees / High Performers

Program Details:

Why Coach?
” Sellers Market” for I/T Professionals
Impact of Coaching on Retention
Coaching Self-Evaluation

Setting Expectations
Setting Specific, Measurable Goals
Impact of Frequent Milestones
Applying a Coaching Model

Effective Coaches
A Three Part Process
Outstanding Coaches
Applying the Characteristics

The Ongoing Process of Feedback
Feedback vs. Criticism
Balance in Feedback

Problem Employees and High Performers
Counseling Discussion Process
Dealing With Problem Performers
Using Rewards–“Stars” vs. “Bench Warmers”

The Self-Revealing Coach
Using Feedback and Disclosure
Building Credibility
Identifying and Communicating Your Values
The Importance of Passion to a Coach

Coach — Here’s Your Team !
The Right People vs. The Right Behavior
Team Member Strengths
Getting the Team To Do As Asked

Developing Personal Coaching Action Plans

Program Length: One Day

Professional Skills are the Key to the Effective Application of Technology to the Business Process.

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