OMICRON’s QA Interchange – February 12, 2013 – Atlanta GA

Several IT participants from Centers for Disease Control, Genuine Parts Company, Printpack, and Silverpop gathered to share ideas, insights, issues and challenges around managing the software QA function in an IT organization.  The director of QA from Silverpop began by providing an overview of trends and challenges involved in managing a QA program.  He covered testing with alternative development models, leveraging external testing resources, build management, continuous integration, test environment, and test automation. 

Next each participant presented a challenge or issue they are addressing in their organization to get insights and feedback from the group to enable them to improve the quality of software and the QA process.  The following topics were included: 

  • How should 3rd party add-ons be tested?
  • How can the application hosting function help the QA function improve software quality?
  • How can the operations and testing teams work better to improve testing efficiency and effectiveness?
  • What are strategies and techniques to get stakeholders, management. and users to understand that delivering high quality software requires a significant investment in time and resources? 
  • How should developers and testers organize and collaborate to improve the quality of the software they deliver?
  • What different issues should be addressed when testing software to be used internally versus software to be used externally?
  • How should organizations balance their resources among data integration testing and functional testing?  What techniques are most effective with data integration testing?
  • What are effective time estimating techniques?
  • What are the keys to success when testing software developed using the Agile methodology? 

The participants listed the following issues that were discussed as being of the most benefit to them:  Team Building; Time Test; Agile; QA & App Hosting;  Development; Successful Deployments;



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