OMICRON Executive Breakfast – March 20, 2013, Strategies for motivating and engaging top talent

Twenty five executives attended OMICRON’s Executive Breakfast to hear Jim Link, Managing Director, Human Resources at RandstadUSdiscuss “Strategies for Motivating and Engaging Top Talent”.  Companies included in attendance were Genuine Parts, Global Payments, Silverpop, Randstad US, CAR Financial Services, Gypsum Management Supply, MARTA, Lend Lease,  Skyvue, Cobblestone Consulting, Endochoice, and General Cable.

Topics Jim covered were: Today’s work environment, Retention ≠ motivation, Engagement drivers, Engagement in generations, and Game changers for the future.

He pointed out that a key to success in engaging employees is to improve the manager’s skills because the drivers for engagement pointed to aspects controlled by managers.  Having career advancement opportunities is a top retention driver and developing new skills and capabilities is a top engagement driver.  Providing a robust professional development program for IT staff will improve retention and engagement.

Jim shared Randstad research relating to generational differences between Traditionalist, Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Gen-Yers.  Traditionalists were the most engaged. Gen-Yers have a huge sense of community and are all about the team.  They are not into titles and status.  They will think nothing about having a casual conversation with the CEO.  Key takeaways were:  Treat each generation individually.  They all have different engagement and retention drivers.  He said that it is important to survey employees to learn about their changing needs, and that employees will be happy at work as long as they are productive. 

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