Interchange, Executive Breakfast & Program Schedule

All Interchanges, Presentations, and Professional Development Programs are being held virtually via ZOOM.

Interchanges:  Round-table discussions with a guest resource held in a vendor-free environment.  All attendees will have the opportunity to have their issues addressed as related to the topic.  Times: 8am – 11am (Unless stated otherwise) 

Programs:   Instructor led soft skill training.  Times:  8am – 11:30am (Unless noted otherwise

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February 23 – Managing Remotely Interchange
Times:  8am – 11am

Facilitator: Rae Ann Bruno 

Focus:  Tips on Interviewing Remotely

                Keeping Everyone Engaged

               Tracking Productivity

               Making Everyone Feel They Are Part of the Team

               Tips from Attendees of What Has Work for Their Teams
March 16 – Part 1 & March 30 – Part 2
Times: 8:00am – 11:30am (Both Days)

Become a More Effective Communicator & Improve Your Listening Skills – Professional Development Program 

Instructor:  Rae Ann Bruno 

Focus:  Listening Skills to Ensure Alignment Between Interpretation and Intent

               Overcoming Listening Blocks

               Communication Approaches

               Making Complex Concepts Understandable

               Communicating for Results

               Impact vs. Intent

               Improving Written Communication


April 22 – Recruiting Strategies Discussion
Times:  8:30am – 10:00am

Presenter:  Alan Stukalsky, Chief Digital Officer, Randstad USA 

Focus:   How Have HR Departments Adjusted to Recruitment Strategies in light of                              COVID-19

               How is Randstad USA using IT / AI and Machine Learning to Process/ Filter                          Resumes and Potential Employees

               Trends in Salaries / Benefits from Recruitment Standpoint

               Other Recruitment Trends in 2020 – 2021 


May 4 – Effective Problem Solving – Professional Development Program
Times:  8:00am – 11:30am

Instructor:  Rae Ann Bruno 

Focus:  Identifying the Problem

               Information Gathering



               Providing Solutions


May 4 – Dealing with Difficult People in the Workplace – Professional Development Program
Times:  8:00am – 11:30am

Instructor:  Krista Ciccozzi, Director of IT Customer Support, NexWorks 

Focus:  Identifying Difficult Behaviors

               Perception vs. Reality

               When to Confront and When Strategy Will Work Best

               Techniques to Modify Your Behavior, When Dealing with Certain People So You                    Have a Better Working Relationship


June 8 – Women in IT & Business Interchange
Times:  8:00am – 11:00am

Guest Resource:  TBD 

Focus:  TBD


Previously Scheduled


June 9 –Service Desk Interchange
Guest Resource:
Jamie Stannard, Director North America Imaging Technical Support, KaVo Kerr
Exploring New Innovations & AI
Putting the Customer First

June 23 – Security Interchange
Guest Resources:
James Baird, VP & CISO, International Marketing Centers
Pete Statia, Director of IT Security, North Georgia Health Systems
Ransomware Threats
Data Security & Consumer Privacy

June 25 — Managing Remotely
Guest Resources:
Christel Craig, Director, Enterprise Systems, Printpack
Cynthia Shontz, Sr. Director, Global SAP Master Data, Southwire

Focus:  Keeping Employees Engaged and Motivated; Ways for Your Team to Stay Connected; Effectively Managing Your Time and Projects

August 4 – Team Building – ½ day program (Virtual)
Jamie Stannard, Director North America Imaging Technical Support, KaVo Kerr
Focus:    Building Trust
Improving Performance
Keeping Employees Engaged
How to Have the Right People on the Right Team
(Are they a good fit for the team? Do they want to be on this team, or is there another area that interests them more?)

August 25 — Work Challenges in Today’s Environment Interchange
Guest Resource:  Rae Ann Bruno
Challenges with Working Remotely; Balancing Work and Personal Life; Prioritizing; Staying in the Loop at Work; Dealing with Change; Meeting Overload

September 17 — Workplace Collaboration Interchange
Rae Ann Bruno, President, Business Solutions and Training
Ways to Implement Successful Workplace Collaboration
Ways to Effectively Collaborate Virtually
Best Practices

October 6 — Diversity in the Workplace Presentation & Q&A
Times:    8am – 9:15am
Presenter:  Audra Jenkins, Chief Diversity Officer, Randstad
Audra’s focus points are Cultural Diversity, Inclusion, Strategy, Increasing Awareness, Benefits, which will include —
Ethnic and Cultural Differences
Gender Equality
Generations Gaps
Language and Communication
Acceptance and Respect

October 15 & 22 — Effective Leadership Skills (this professional development program will be divided into two parts — each being three hours)
Instructor:  Rae Ann Bruno,
President, Business Solutions and Training
Day One: 
BEST Leadership Assessment; Realize the Value of Emotional Intelligence; Understand Methods of Influence and Effective Communication

Day Two:  Overcome Team Challenges and Learn Tips to Better Manage Remotely;
Learn How to Effectively Engage Your Team and Foster Collaboration and Teamwork;
Facilitate Delivery of Key Results and Ways to continually Improve and Evolve

November 10 — Customer Service
Krista Ciccozzi, Service Desk Director, ExamWorks
Improper Communication
Basic Common Sense (What Shouldn’t Your Do)
(What Should You Do)
Proper Escalation Path


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Due to the ever changing world of our IT Departments, our advisory board, consisting of CIOs and Directors from Georgia based companies, reviews and approves our schedule every six months.  This provides topics that are tailored to meet the present day needs and interests of our IT participants.