Help Desk Interchange – Leveraging Self-Service to Align IT with the Business — March 26, 2013.

IT Help Desk Support, directors, managers, and analysts from General Cable, Global Payments, Lend Lease, Printpack, Randstad, and RaceTrac were in attendance.


David Disney, Director of Customer Service, University System of Georgia began the session by sharing how the University System of Georgia has implemented customer self-service practices to create organizational and customer alignment.  He highlighted their use of unified communication practices and provided return on investment measures, framework for adaptation, and lessons learned/challenges.  He emphasized the importance of empowering the help desk and providing multiple channels of communication.   He indicated that a key to success for any help desk organization is to find a champion at the executive level of the organization.


The group of managers attending the session shared insights and experiences on topics they are addressing in managing their help desk operations including:

  • How are others logging help desk requests via cell phone?
  • How to get buy-in from end users to submit requests to the ticketing system instead of sending emails and calling?
  • Strategies for getting the call center on-board with using the IVR
  • Strategies for rolling out the corporate help desk system across all lines of business
  • Approaches to providing support on complex business applications that avoid contact with help desk staff
  • How to respond when training issues show up in help desk contacts
  • How to avoid addressing out of scope issues
  • How to boost help desk morale when unanticipated changes dramatically impact support staff productivity


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