Interchange, Executive Breakfast & Program Schedule

Interchanges:  Round-table discussions with a guest resource held in a vendor-free environment.  All attendees will have the opportunity to have their issues addressed as related to the topic.  Times:  7:30am – 11am (Unless stated otherwise) Breakfast is provided.

Programs:  1/2 day (7:30am – 1pm) and full day (7:30am – 5pm) instructor led training.
Breakfast and lunch provided.

Breakfasts:  7:30am – 10am.  Presentation with Q&A

February – June, 2019 Schedule

February 5 — Service Desk – Interchange
Guest Resource: 
Krista Ciccozzi, Director of Service Desk, Nexworks
Focus:  SLA’s
What Do You Track?
How to Develop Metrics
What Does Business Want

February 26 — Negotiating & Influencing Others – 1/2 Day Program
Kathy Miller, PMP
Focus:  Styles of Negotiating
Win-Win Approach
Building Trust & Support
Dealing with Conflict

March 12 — Effective Vendor Management – Interchange
Guest Resources: 
John Goslin, CIO, Atlanta Mission and Larry Dudley, President of Professional Negotiations
Focus:  Managing Vendors
Enhancing Relationships
Monitor Vendor Obligations

March 26 — Project Management – Interchange
Guest Resource:  Glenn Kuban, VP of Enterprise PMO, Randstad
Focus:  Standardizing
Communicating Need for Managers
Agile vs. Waterfall

April — (Date – TBD)  Virtual & Augmented Reality
Guest Resource:  CDC
Focus:  CDC will present and demonstrate with Q&A

May 2 — Managing Up – Professional Development Program
Instructor:  Rae Ann Bruno
Focus:  Understanding Your Role
Communication (up, across, and down)
Goal Management
Team Building
Continual Service Improvement

May (Date TBD) – Business Intelligence
Guest Resource:  TBD
Focus:  What Are Companies Doing
Best Practices
Creating Ways to Use BI
How to Generate Revenue and Reduce Costs

June 4 — Women in IT & Business – Interchange
Guest Resource:  TBD
Focus:  TBD

Previous Schedule

August – December 2018 Schedule

August 28 – Blockchain – Breakfast Presentation
Guest Resource:  Chris Lynberg, IT Research & Development, CDC

September 11 – How Cloud is Affecting the Business Structure in Your Organization — Panel Discussion

September 25 – Service Desk Interchange
Guest Resource:  Krista Ciccozzi, Director, Service Desk, Exam Works 

October 11 – Process Improvement Interchange
Guest Resource:  Jamie Stannard, Director North America Imaging Technical Support, KaVo Kerr.  Master Black Belt in Lean Management

October 23 – Security Interchange
Guest Resource:  Jerry Bell, Director, IBM

November 13 – Data Governance Interchange
Guest Resource:  Glenn Kurban, VP, Enterprise PMO, Randstad 

December 4 – Women in IT & Business Interchange
Guest Resource:  Sarah Moore, VP, Randstad

Location:  The Georgian Club, 100 Galleria Parkway, 17th Floor, Atlanta
Registration:  Click on registration form or contact Sandy Gaston at

Due to the ever changing world of our IT Departments, our advisory board, consisting of CIOs and Directors from Georgia based companies, reviews and approves our schedule every six months.  This provides topics that are tailored to meet the present day needs and interests of our IT participants.